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Movel AI

Writer covering marketing, product and promotional articles for Movel AI
Movel AI is a Singaporean robotics company that deploys their robotics software products to clients, partners, and operations globally. Articles written highlight core technical capabilities of software products and contextually applied to different scenarios that are relevant to clients' industry and applications.
At Movel AI, I actively maintain and write for two websites - Company's blogsite ( and documentation site (

Company Blogsite

The company blogsite new feature releases, events and active deployments at clients' sites around the world. With 2 new articles every month, the site aims to keep all stakeholders abreast with latest developments and offerings. Here, I lead content and media creation - from photography, video direction and also overall site usabilty.
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Documentation Site

I'm also actively maintaining their documentation site - where it highlights core product features, instructions, manuals and FAQs for clients to refer to. I work closely with engineers, sales and business development teams to publish clear and concise documentation.
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